Reviews of Mann's Best Friend:


Jo Good & Anna Webb - Barking Hour, BBC Radio London - 14 September 2017

"It’s a fantastic book. It’s the modern world, and it’s juggling office life and problems in the office, and dramas and stress with living with a dog … and the relationship breaks down. But what happens, the bit I really love, is that through the breaking down of the relationship the protagonist in the book actually realises the reality of the world, and that his heart belongs to his dog."  Listen to Barking Hour here


Comic Art Festival Podcast - 15 September 2017

"I love the art, for starters. The art is really cool and quite different to all the comics that I’ve read. It’s something you could read quite easily again and again, because it’ll bring a smile to your face, just like watching a Sunday film. This is definitely one people should buy." – Listen to the Podcast here


Grovel - 20 September 2017

"This charming book is about lots of things, but at its heart is a relationship between a man and his dog. There’s more to this book than Terry and his hound, and it’s a wonderful journey – recommended for those who like their comics to have a finely-tuned blend of uplifting grittiness." – Read the full review by Andy Shaw here


Page 45 - October 2017

"A very British graphic novel full of very British squabbles, this had me hooked from its opening double-page spread of a northern, rural town nestled between rolling green hills populated by black-faced sheep, giant gleaming-white wind turbines and the sort of exposed moorland trees which have been buffeted and sculpted by horizontal gales. After enormous satisfaction I turned the final four pages slowly, quietly absorbing their contents, closed the cover with the palm of my hand and thought, 'Raymond Briggs would be ever so proud'." – Read the full review by Stephen Holland here


Down the Tubes and Awesome Comics Podcast - 12 November 2017

"Occasionally I stumble across a book that hits a chord. A book that I want to shout about because it deserves a much wider audience. This is one of those books. I devoured it on a long train journey back from Wimbledon Comic Arts Festival last weekend. It's not a short read but I managed to read it without putting it down - a mark of quality in the Esmond household!" Read the full review by Tony Esmond here


Pipedream Comics -

"This utterly charming book has a very British, very gentle feel to it as it lilts and ambles through the story. It evokes memories of classic British cartoonists like Posy Simmonds or Raymond Briggs and feels a very accomplished and confident work for a debut. The story is written by Sophie and drawn by Scarlett and you can see the sisterly understanding manifesting itself with a synergy between them that you would expect from a duo who have been working together for years." – Review by Alex Thomas, link coming soon


Mann's Best Friend has been:

Page 45's Comic Book of the Month for December 2017

Listed as one of the top ten graphic novels of 2017 by the Comic Art Festival Podcast

Listed in the top 50 comics and graphic novels of 2017 by Pipedream Comics

Listed in the top 10 books of 2017 by OK Comics


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